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I'm an avid reader of Seth Godin's blog. I don't hang on every word he says, but it's nice to read his opinions, comments and advice.

FinalBuilder 5 beta - yep, it's official now. Here's what's new

Interesting story by Josh McFarlane who describes the way he's taken his company from a score of 1 out of 12 on the Joel Test

FinalBuilder 5 in beta

rFinalBuilder 5 has just gone into beta testing. There a heap of cool new features and plenty of new action

FinalBuilder Ratings

Here's the next installment of some of the statistics we got from the customer survey

Go Karting!

Go Karting?rrWhat's that got to do with FinalBuilder, Automise, programming, Version Control Systems, Microsoft, or any of the other products?

The Microsoft .NET framework version 3 is not a new version of the framework... just a bunch of additions to version 2.0, so why did they decide to call it version 3?

Vista Screenshots

We finally got Vista up and running last week. I had a play with Vista way back at PDC '05, but wanted to wait for at least an RC build

[here's my small comment on Eric Sink's latest post]rrEric - as always, a great post :) Yes, FinalBuilder is written in Delphi (well, most if it)

Do you mind giving your email address in exchange for downloading a trial version? Read on to see how we've just changed from direct download to a hybrid solution.