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For FinalBuilder 5 we've added a new set of actions for storing and retrieving data in stacks and queues. These actions allow you to build up a list of items and then access them them in either a first in, first out (Queue) or first in, last out (Stack) manner. Create a new Stack or Queue using the Define action, and then to add items, use the Push or Insert actions. To use the items in the list, either use the Pop action to access them one at a time, or use the Iterator to perform the same action on each item until the list is empty.

We've introduced a new wizard that runs the first time you start FinalBuilder 5 (and it's in the Tools menu). The Configure Wizard is designed to make it easy for you to turn off packages that you'll never need. They're still installed, and can be easily turned on if you need them later, but it's a good way to encouraging people to turn off some packages.

We're getting close now :) Please email support at finalbuilder dot com if you find a bug/issue or would like to make any comments.

USB Hamster Wheel

I can't wait until I can buy one of these (I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or the truth...)

Here's one of my favourite new features of FinalBuilder 5

What we drink...

A couple of weeks ago we got a small bar fridge for the office... and it's stocked with a variety of drinks (non-alcoholic unfortunately...)

FinalBuilder Variables make it easy to create maintainable, dynamic build processes. Trouble is remembering which variables are available in a project. FinalBuilder 5's new VariableSense™ feature makes it extremely easy to use variables in text fields.


I'm an avid reader of Seth Godin's blog. I don't hang on every word he says, but it's nice to read his opinions, comments and advice.

FinalBuilder 5 beta - yep, it's official now. Here's what's new

Interesting story by Josh McFarlane who describes the way he's taken his company from a score of 1 out of 12 on the Joel Test