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Introducing Continua CI - Beta

Continua CI is our next generation Continuous Integration server product. This product will replace FinalBuilder Server once it's released.

Introducing Delphi Mocks

Delphi has had Unit Testing support (in the form of DUnit) for many years, but until now there very little in the way of Automatic Mocking. By contrast the .NET and Java worlds have plenty of mocking frameworks to choose from.

EC2 Support in FinalBuilder 7.0

FinalBuilder adds support for Amazon's EC2 Cloud Services.

FinalBuilder: now with NuGet-y goodness

NuGet is a open source package management tool for .NET applications. It allows you to very simply install, create and share reusable assemblies. With the latest release, FinalBuilder now contains a set of actions to help you interact with NuGet as part of your automated build process.

Over the next few posts, I'm going to try to talk about some of the lesser known features in FinalBuilder, and show some ideas and techniques that I hope will help you improve your FinalBuilder projects.