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Continua 1.5 released

Continua Version 1.5 is now available for download

Today marks a milestone in Continua CI as we release version 1.5 of the product. Its been many months in the making, we hope you enjoy the update as much as we enjoyed making it.

There are many features that we think you'll benefit from by updating to v1.5, some of these include:

Reworked UI:

  • Now using bootstrap framework for styling
  • Redesigned dashboards that show more information including graphs.
  • Added stages information to the Project tile and list views
  • Disabled configurations are now displayed as faded


  • Can now clone whole projects and clone configurations between projects.

Stage Conditions:

  • Auto Promote conditions - stages can now use conditions to control whether to auto-promote to the next stage.
  • Skip conditions - you can now provide conditions for skipping stages or disable a stage completely.

New Actions:

Repository Tags: (Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories only)

  • Continua CI can now detect and list repository tags.
  • Tags are now displayed in changeset tabs on configuration and build views.
  • Repository trigger can now be set to trigger on tag changes (new tags, edits and deletions) changes).
  • You can now run a build on a tagged changeset.

Build Event Handlers:

and many more changes including:

  • Styling changes for improved handling on small screen sizes
  • Report ordering: you can choose which one is displayed first on the build view.
  • New expression functions: Utils.NewGuid() and Utils.RandomNumber() can be used for generation of temporary paths for example
  • Additional LatestChangeset object within the repository object with Branch, BranchName, Comment, CommitterUserName, CommitterFullName, Created, FileCount, Id and RepositoryUsername properties to use in expressions
  • Continua now supports DUnitX enhanced Command Line Options


Updating to this new release is the same regardless if you are using v1.0.X or a recent build from the beta or release candidate. Simply download the installer and run it, the setup will guide you through the install process. As usual we are available on support@finalbuilder.com if you run into any troubles.

For this release you will need to update both the server and agents.

A word of thanks

The team wishes to thank everyone who has participated in the beta and release candidate stages for this release. Your positive feedback has been invaluable in shaping the features and functionality of the product. Thank you for your continued support.

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