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I plug the awesome new Team Build support in FinalBuilder 6, and I also plug a great screencast recorder called Wink.

Variables in FinalBuilder make your build process more maintainable, but working out which variables to use where can be difficult, especially when you are trying to retrofit them into an existing project. Variable Suggestion is a new feature in FinalBuilder 6 which aims to ease the use of Variables.

I just posted a new tech article about the FinalBuilder 6 .NET Custom Action API. If you've ever done any custom action development with .NET, then I strongly suggest you check this out.

"The Bus Factor", how it applies to your project, and why it matters for build & configuration management.

How to safely use relative paths in actions (for FinalBuilder and Automise.)

Avoiding the "XPath returned no node" error when working with XML files in FinalBuilder and Automise.

I couldn't help but compare the top ten most popular MSBuild feature requests with existing FinalBuilder features.

We often hear people saying "Oh, we have Team System. We already have automated builds." The surprising thing is how many people don't realise what they're missing out on, or that FinalBuilder can integrate directly with Team System.

I just spent the better part of 3 days trying to find out why the FinalBuilder IDE was not resizing properly on my machine. I have Windows Vista Business X64 on my machine, and found that code that worked perfectly on XP was not working on Vista.

All of FinalBuilder and Automise's data is available to you via XML, if you need to dig around in it.