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Just a few recent mentions of FinalBuilder... :)

Yesterday was a pretty big day... luckily you don't have to get a major release out the door more than about once a year!

Great news everyone!

Probably the biggest new feature of FinalBuilder 4 is the ASync action group.

File Dependencies

Have you ever wished you can have your build check whether or not files have changed, so you know whether or not to rebuild? With FinalBuilder 4, you now can!

FB4 is now ready for a public beta, yay!

We did a lot of work on the build engine for FinalBuilder 4, mainly in the area of performance.

In FinalBuilder 3, when a build runs you have two options as far as live logging goes: on or off

We've added yet another cool usability enhancment for FinalBuilder 4 - the Project tab.

The FinalBuilder console is now available in both the Standard and Professional edtions of FinalBuilder 4

Property Sets is a huge new feature in FinalBuilder 4. It's a real time saver and improves the readability and maintainability of your build process!