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In FinalBuilder 6, we have done a lot of work to improve the log output formatting. In particular, we wanted to make it easier to find errors, warnings in compiler output.

Output Grouping

Most compilers are quite verbose in their output, for example the Visual Studio action outputs reams text when using msbuild (the default for VS2005 and later). In the FinalBuilder 6 logging architecture, we add the ability to create Output groups. This allows us to structure the output in a manner that makes it much more readable, and they (as the name implies) allow us to group different parts of the action output. In the Visual Studio and MSBuild actions for example, we group the output but Project and Target :

Visual Studio Action output


Output Status Color Tagging

The output of most (if not all) actions in FinalBuilder 6 had been enhanced to use the new color tagging feature. When Error messages are generated, they are sent to the log with an error status, and the log displays the message in red. The screenshot below shows the message types and colors.

Output color tagging

You can also use this tagging when using action script events and in custom actions. This is how it's done from a script event (in JavaScript) :

Action.SendLogMessage("This is Information message (the default).",stInformation)
Action.SendLogMessage("This is Success message.",stSuccess)
Action.SendLogMessage("This is a Warning message.",stWarning)
Action.SendLogMessage("This is an Error message.",stError)



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Vincent Parrett 11 years ago

$Action.SendLogMessage("This is Information message (the default).",0)<br>$Action.SendLogMessage("This is Success message.",1)<br>$Action.SendLogMessage("This is a Warning message.",2)<br>$Action.SendLogMessage("This is an Error message.",3)

Antony Scott 11 years ago

What is the powershell equivalent of this please?

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