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Here's one of my favourite new features of FinalBuilder 5:


The Build Stats tab gives you a whole bunch of ways to graphically view (and print and export) the historical statistics of your build project.  All the graphs here are actually our FinalBuilder 5 build machine.  There's quite a downward trend in the amount of builds per day thankfully, and we've only had two days without a failed build for some reason or another...

Here's some other cool graphs you can get out of the build stats:


The above graph shows that you can turn on the legend if you want, view either successful or failed or both, and turn off the 3D view also.  Thankfully there's no builds done on Saturday or Sunday!  And if you don't want the build to fail, try not to do it on a Thursday ;)


Also a Success Ratio pie chart can display at a glance the ratio of successful to failed builds of the selected date range.
We also do all our builds during business hours.

One important change we had to make for FinalBuilder 5 to enable this, was that we need to maintain a record of all historic builds in the log file.  The detailed log information is deleted the same way as in FB4 (ie. a user configurable number of the most recent detailed logs are kept, older ones are deleted), but an extra table in the database has a permanent record of all past builds.

(please email us if you would like to participate in the FinalBuilder 5 beta)

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Ali 15 years ago

Looks great, best of luck!

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