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Frank Eden, Principal Software Engineer at TOWER Software, talks about how FinalBuilder integrates so well with all the software products they use.

Adam White, Manager of Test Engineering at PlateSpin talks about how FinalBuilder revolutionized their build process.

Before you decide on a tool to help you with your software builds, there are many things you need to consider; I have listed five of the most important ones.

How FinalBuilder and Automise's Variable expansion works

Finalbuilder 4.1 released

This is a novel use of a TV connected to a continuous integration build machine.

Olivier Beltrami, owner of Alter Ego Services, talks about how FinalBuilder is an essential tool that they just couldn't do without.

Any non-trivial software project can benefit from a standardised, formal build process. Delivering quality software requires that you have a quality process for producing the deliverables.

Thomas Huijer has just released an action: WebSiteCheck

We market FinalBuilder as a tool for software developers to automate their build process.