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Adam White, Manager of Test Engineering at PlateSpin talks about how FinalBuilder revolutionized their build process.

Before you decide on a tool to help you with your software builds, there are many things you need to consider; I have listed five of the most important ones.

How FinalBuilder and Automise's Variable expansion works

Finalbuilder 4.1 released

This is a novel use of a TV connected to a continuous integration build machine.

Olivier Beltrami, owner of Alter Ego Services, talks about how FinalBuilder is an essential tool that they just couldn't do without.

Any non-trivial software project can benefit from a standardised, formal build process. Delivering quality software requires that you have a quality process for producing the deliverables.

Thomas Huijer has just released an action: WebSiteCheck

We market FinalBuilder as a tool for software developers to automate their build process.

Subversion is a bit of a learning curve for most people, but is a very popular and capable Version Control System which happens to be opensource.