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FinalBuilder 5 beta - yep, it's official now.

Here's what's new:

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Tate 15 years ago

thanks :)

btw. there looks like there's a few different sccapi providers for subversion... but no idea if any of them are any good...
and then set the filter to scc

Rod 15 years ago

New version looks great!

Lovin' the new source code integration. Just in time also! We're currently in the middle of ditching Visual Source (un)Safe and going for something else.

So far I've tested the Final Builder source control with VSS and Seapine Surround SCM. All works great. Next up is Subversion....but I don't think it has a SCCAPI plug in?

Also like the new look Action "General" tab, and the IntelliVariable is just what the doctor ordered.

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