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Interesting story by Josh McFarlane who describes the way he's taken his company from a score of 1 out of 12 on the Joel Test, to about 7 or 8 and still working on it.

But, what really caught my interest was that it sounds like he's fully taking advantage of the ASync actions in FinalBuilder which lets you run multiple steps in parallel:

"Asynchronous building: My development machine has 2 dual core processors. Invoking one build command only uses 1 of the 4 logical CPUs. With asynchronous tasks, I can run up to 4 builds at once, shortening our build time."

"Overall, I'm happy with FinalBuilder. The only complaint I have about it is that I have not been able to create "local" action list variables, but thats more than likely my fault for not looking hard enough rather."

Thanks Josh.  And yes, you can create ActionList variables - have a look in the project menu for "Action List Parameters..."

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