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FinalBuilder has had pretty basic Perforce integration for quite a long time.

FinalBuilder has been able to send HTML emails for some time, but it's not as flexible as some users required.

I spent the last few days playing with VS 2005, testing the VS.NET support in Finalbuilder 3

Kenji Obata from XenoCode has just moved his build process to FinalBuilder

FinalBuilder 3.1 is out

We've finally got our new server up-and-running, YAY!

Roy Osherove (of ISerializable) praises FinalBuilder 3 on his blog...

Hmmm, someones certainly has too much time on their hands, they've written a video game in ANT.

Jake Lawlor mentions on his blog a whole bunch of Agile patterns and practices to choose from when crafting your development processes.

What's been going on?

Appart from the xmas break, we've been polishing and polishing and polishing FinalBuilder 3.