When upgrading to a new version of FinalBuilder 7 on a TFS2010 build server or agent, there are two post-install steps that need to be considered. 


1. Restart TFS Service

TFS caches the FinalBuilder custom action assemblies when the service starts. To ensure that the XAML templates, custom action assemblies and FinalBuilder are all in sync you need to restart the TFS service (on the server and any agents) after every FinalBuilder install. You can do this from the Team Foundation Server Administration Console, under Build Configuration. 


2. Update XAML Workflow Templates

We try to minimise changes to the XAML templates, but sometimes (eg when adding new functionality) there's no way to avoid it. In these cases we will indicate in the release notes for a build that the templates need to be updated.
If you are using the provided XAML workflow template without modification, replace the templates in your TFS repository with the ones from <FinalBuilderInstallDir>\TFS Templates.
If you have modified the provided XAML templates, you will need to diff your template with the ones installed with FinalBuilder and make the appropriate changes. This is usually as simple as adding or removing a new parameter to the FinalBuilder action.
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