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FinalBuilder 6 comes with a Visual Studio 2008 Addin for configuring Team Build.  This article will show how to create, edit and execute FinalBuilder projects inside the Team Build environment.

With Team Build, FinalBuilder allows you to:

  • Integrate third party tools, testing frameworks, and processes.
  • Customize details of the build like custom configurations and version numbering.
  • Submit data from third party tools (like MbUnit or NUnit) to the Team Foundation Data Warehouse
  • View a structured tree-based log of your build process
  • Edit and extend your build without editing a single line of XML.
  • Minimise the Bus Factor of Team Build.



Part One - Create a "New Build Definition with FinalBuilder"

Part Two - Running FinalBuilder projects with Team Build.

Part Three - Editing FinalBuilder Project Settings from inside Visual Studio



If you're new to Team System or Team Foundation Build, you may find MSDN's Team Foundation Overview useful.

The demos in the article are set up to use TFS 2008, however the Addin can still be used (with limited functionality) to edit TFS 2005 build projects.

(Note: This article replaces a previous article, which showed how to integrate FinalBuilder 4 and 5 projects with Team Build. This new method is quicker, easier and more powerful.)

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