FinalBuilder 5.5 is fully compatible with Windows Vista. Nevertheless, some of the new features in Vista (specifically, User Account Control or UAC) mean that some things need to be kept in mind. The following is a summary of notes for FinalBuilder users who are using Vista with UAC.

Microsoft TechNET has an article called User Account Control Overview which explains the features of UAC at a technical level. Note that UAC can be disabled as well. If UAC is disabled on your computer, none of this summary will apply to you.

"Run FinalBuilder As Administrator"

By default, FinalBuilder will run as a normal user on your computer - it won't request "elevated" Administrator privileges. If you find that you need elevated privileges to run your build (some features may need Administrator privileges), then you can do one of two things:
  • Right-click the FinalBuilder icon and choose "Run as Administrator"
  • Select the special "Run FinalBuilder As Administrator" shortcut from the Start menu (this shortcut is only installed under Windows Vista.)
... if you do either of these things, you will see the UAC "Prompt" dialog every time you run FinalBuilder.

Running Other Programs

You may find that you need to Run As Administrator in order to run other applications as part of your build. This will occur if the other applications require a higher privilege level than FinalBuilder does. If you don't have elevated privileges and try to execute a higher privilege program, it will fail with the error: "This process requires elevation."

You may also find that you need to Run As Administrator in order to use the "Run As" feature to run a program as another user, if the other user is an Administrator.

Scheduling FinalBuilder Projects

You can still schedule FinalBuilder projects to run at specific times. If you schedule a project while running FinalBuilder "As Administrator", then that schedule will run as "As Administrator" automatically (no UAC Prompt will be required, but the schedule runs with fully elevated privileges.) On the other hand, if you schedule a project while running as a non-Administrator, then that schedule will run as a normal user.

ActionStudio and the ActionDefs Directory

Normally, you save any ActionStudio custom action packages to the ActionDefs directory inside the FinalBuilder 5.5 program directory. With User Account Control, there can be more than one "virtualized" ActionDefs directory on your computer.

If you run ActionStudio "As Administrator", you will save packages to the "real" ActionDefs directory under the Automise 2 project directory. However, if you run ActionStudio as a normal user, then any files that you save to the ActionDefs directory will actually get saved to a "virtual" directory which only that user can access. This is fine as long as you run FinalBuilder as that same user, but other users will not be able to see the virtualized directory and can't load your custom action package.

Therefore, the workaround for this issue to is to do one of the following two things:
  • Always launch ActionStudio with "Run As Administrator", or...
  • Run ActionStudio as a normal user, and always run FinalBuilder as the same normal user.
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