Continuous Integration and Continua CI

What Exactly is Continua CI?

Continua CI is a Continuous Integration Server application that eliminates all your build process headaches by managing your builds for you. It is designed to continuously monitor all your source code and automatically begin builds discretely.

Continua CI can be broken into three basic steps:

Compile, Test, Analyse and Deploy Automatically

Continua CI turns your dreaded build phase into one of the easiest stages in your development cycle.

Continua CI embraces all the pitfalls and issues relating to builds and handles them for you. When building with Continua CI you are compiling, testing and analysing your code continuously and automatically.

If it passes all your tests then Continua CI is ready to deploy your build. It can be deployed either automatically or manually, once your developer team are happy with it. Continua CI is yours to control.

Reviewing Your Builds

Continua CI maintains a history of your previous builds. This can be used to compare your current build to previous iterations.

These build reviews include statistics on build duration, version, unit test results, build artifacts and changes made since the previous build.

Most importantly, these reviews show you why your build failed. Continua CI retains any error messages, stack traces and logs so you can easily determine what went wrong and how you can fix it.

Let Continua CI Work for You

If you don't want Continua CI to automate your entire build process then just add your own business logic and rules.

Continua CI is customisable at every stage of the build process. You can specify Continua CI to only begin a build under certain conditions, which includes how it deals with repositories and your own source code.

This open ended philosophy extends from triggering a build and executing individual build actions, right through to how packaging and deployment should be handled.

Continua CI is there to work for you, not the other way round. Download it today and see what continuous integration can add to your development environment.