Build When You Want

Automatically Execute Builds on Source Code Changes

Forget about running Builds and let Continua CI do the heavy lifting. Continua CI checks for any changes in your Version Control Systems and can automatically trigger your builds.

Continua CI runs behind the scenes and waits for your next check-in/commit. This means that when you go to start your next build, it may already have run.

Quiet periods can be associated with automatic triggers. If a series of check-ins/commits are about to occur then Continua CI will wait for all changes to be made before executing the build.

Run Your Builds During Quiet Periods

If your build is large and resource intensive then why not run it when no one is in the office?

Continua CI supports various time triggers, which means you can execute builds when it suits your team. Builds can be set to run at the following intervals:

  • Periodically. Eg. every 30 minutes or every 3 days
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Once Off. Builds can be run once, at a specific date and time.

Manually Start Builds for Complete Control

Automation doesn't suit every project which is why Continua CI supports executing builds manually.

If your build does not contain a trigger then it is a manual build. This means that the only way the build will ever execute is through direct human intervention. This can be particularly useful for deployment or production builds.

Daisy Chain Your Builds

Create complex build processes and let Continua CI worry about switching between builds. You can configure builds to execute only after another build has completed, meaning you can daisy chain your builds.

'Build completed' triggers can also act as conditional gateways. Your builds can be setup to only execute if the previous build completed successfully or failed. Alternatively you can ignore the results and execute the next build anyway.