Broad Developer Tool Support

Supported Version Control Systems

If your developer team uses a modern Version Control System (VCS), then Continua CI can be integrated into your build process. Continua CI supports the following repositories:

  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Subversion
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Perforce
  • Bazaar
  • Surround SCM
  • Vault
  • Standard File System

Control your Integration

You control how Continua CI interacts with your Version Control System.

Continua CI adapts with your environment and you set the frequency that it monitors for new check-ins/commits. Continua CI can check for changes anywhere from twice a minute to twice an hour. Alternatively, set the connection to manual and Continua CI will never check for changes.

Build your projects the way you want by controlling which files trigger a build. With Continua CI you can specify files that will be ignored when triggering a build. Define your exclude file pattern and build your projects the way you want.

Branches by Pattern

Continua CI works with your development process by allowing you to specify which branches to monitor and build. With this mechanism you can ignore any feature branches and only build from you main development line.

Branches by Pattern introduces new ways to interact with your Version Control System. Consider creating a 'Release' branch and Continua CI will only build when push changes to your 'Release' line.

With Continua CI you have complete control over your Version Control System integration.