Structure Your Build Flow


Break Your Build into Stages

Doing too much at one time leads to builds that become large and cumbersome. Continua CI manages your builds by breaking them into smaller, more manageable stages.

These stages are defined by your business logic to help break down your build into logical stages. By using stages, you control the flow of your build.

Every stage includes a stage gate which allows you to:

  • Automatically promote the build to the next stage.
  • Require a manual intervention to promote.
  • Only promote the build if certain conditions are met.

Workflow Editor

The Workflow Editor is where your build is created. Every action that needs to run to complete your build is created within this editor.

The Workflow Editor is a rich GUI that is designed to simplify your build process. It allows you to create and edit actions, change the order of actions and control the flow of the build.

At a glance you will know which actions are running when, and under which conditions actions will be executed.


Build Actions

The majority of actions in Continua CI can be considered build actions. These actions are the individual steps that create your build.

Continua CI build actions range from build runners, unit tests, archivers and file operations.

Build actions keep your build dynamic by using Continua CI's run-time variables. Action properties can be set using these variables which can be passed through different stages and builds.


Flow Actions

Continua CI comes bundled with special actions called flow actions. These actions control the flow of the build, treating it like any programming language.

Through flow actions you can create if/then/else statements, try & catch blocks and for & while groups.

Say you want to only complete an action if a certain condition is met. Simply use an if flow action and only run it if the condition is met.