Dynamic Builds

Inject Run-time Variables

Keep your build process completely dynamic. Every step of Continua CI is heavily integrated with run-time variables. If an action, build run, trigger or condition can take a value then it can also use a variable value.

Continua CI's architecture means that variable values can be set at any level of the application and overridden by any of it's children.

Variable discovery is a breeze with Continua CI's intellisense-like selection tool. This dynamic dropdown lets you browse through all your variables including both system and user defined variables.

Continua CI's Variable Architecture

Variable values can be set at any level of Continua CI. These levels are:

  • Environment. This grants access to Windows environment variables.
  • Application. These variables can be accessed by any build across the entire application.
  • Project. Variables can be set so they are only available to configurations in a particular project.
  • Configuration. Set configuration specific variables.
  • Build. These variables are set at runtime and take precedence over variables set at any other level.

Extend Beyond Continua CI

Extend variable values beyond Continua CI by using the Property Collector. The Property Collector gives you access to all properties associated with your tools and plugins.

This means your builds can remain dynamic by accessing properties, such as your FinalBuilder or VisualStudio path, via variables rather than hard coding their values.

The Property Collector handles these values so that you can concentrate on more important work. Provide the Property Collector search paths and it will always find your run-time exe's.