Unit Testing Support.

Automate Your Test Runs

Run all your unit tests as part of the build. Continua CI integrates with your existing unit tests to automate your testing procedures.

Continua CI includes integration with the following unit test procedures:

  • NUnit
  • MSTest
  • XUnit
  • DUnitX
  • JUnit

Fail or Ignore Tests

You decide how to proceed with failed unit tests. Continua CI lets you either fail the build or keep building when unit tests fail.

By breaking your unit tests into core and feature test actions, you can set Continua CI to fail the build if your core tests fail and ignore feature test results.

Continua CI also supports shelved tests, allowing you to shelve individual tests. This will ignore the shelved results and continue the build anyway.

Review Every Test Result

Continua CI includes unit test traceability which breaks your unit tests down into individual tests. Continua CI's testing user interface quickly identifies which tests failed and which tests produced errors.

The results of your tests can be further broken down into namespaces and assemblies.

Continua CI understands that testing is an integral step in your build process and it's user interface represents this. Test results are shown on all build review views meaning that you will always know if any of your builds are failing tests.