Information at a Glance

Interactive Build Metrics

Track the progress of your builds instantly with Continua CI's Build Metrics. These interactive metrics are designed to keep you up to date with the latest information on your builds.

Keep an eye on a build's history to watch for anomalies that are failing builds. By changing the metrics timeframe, you can narrow in on exactly how many builds succeeded or failed on a given day.

Continua CI also provides metrics on build duration times and unit test results. With these metrics, you will instantly identify any quality or build issues before they hit production.

Keep Track of Your Recent Builds

Continua CI's build overview pages keep you informed about your latest builds. Quickly view your build success ratio, build time and queue times to guarantee your build process is running as efficiently as possible.

The Activity page displays all the recent activity of a particular build and exposes any recent changes, build times and stages that completed successfully or failed. All relevant information is shown on this page and it allows you to drill down for more information. This page also allows you to monitor any builds that are currently running or waiting in the queue.

Instant Feedback from Running Builds

Check the status of your builds quickly and easily with Continua CI's progress bars. Continua CI will track and monitor your previous builds in order to provide you an accurate reading of time remaining for a build to finish.

This functionality extends to stages so you will always know how your build is going. These progress bars will help you identify any issues with your builds and let you check whether a build is taking longer to complete then expected.