Easily Find those Build Errors

Log Every Action

Continua CI logs the entire build process so that you don't have to. Every single action and build event is logged, including action duration, whether the action completed successfully, parameters and all other output associated with the action.

Coupled with the log is Continua CI's timeline. The timeline gives you a higher level guide that lets you see stage execution durations and whether a build completed successfully.

Expose Changes in Your Source

When reviewing your build, you can see exactly what changes were made in your repository since your last build. Every source file that was modified, created or deleted before the build is recorded in Continua CI and is shown when reviewing your build.

From within Continua CI you can:

  • Review which files were changed
  • Check who made the changes
  • And determine when the files were modified.

View the End Result

There is no need to start crawling through directories and files trying to find your latest build.

All build artifacts are viewable through the Continua CI UI, giving you instant access to your builds end results. These files, depending on the type, can be viewed either in the browser or downloaded to the user's local machine.

Not only does Continua CI list all build artifacts, but it also displays all relevant artifact information including the files location, file size and created date.