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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has only been out a few hours, but we're already getting questions about it. In our limited testing, FinalBuilder 8 and Automise 5 run fine. There is also some good news if you are a Delphi Developer.

Automise 5 Released!

Today we release Automise 5.

Automise 5 Beta

Automise 5 had been updated to use the FinalBuilder 8 engine. It now runs faster and leaner.

Brent was watching me fly through some FinalBuilder operations the other day and he suggested I write a blog post about the best keyboard shortcuts to use.

How to safely use relative paths in actions (for FinalBuilder and Automise.)

Avoiding the "XPath returned no node" error when working with XML files in FinalBuilder and Automise.

Automising the Calculator

A sample Automise 2 project to control the Calculator accessory. Intended to show off the capabilities of the GUI Automation features of Automise 2 (automate any windows application!)

All of FinalBuilder and Automise's data is available to you via XML, if you need to dig around in it.

Automise 1.5

We've just released a minor update to Automise, so it's now at version 1.5 There a lot of bug fixes, enhancements, and a few new features.

Coupon Codes

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