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I just sent out an email blast to FinalBuilder users with info on the latest Finalbuilder 3 beta. In the email I included a few lines of sample script.

Billy Hollis had some good things to say about FinalBuilder on the Nov 29 .NET Rocks show. (at 1hr 13:30).

Coming up in the January 2005 (Issue 113) of The Delphi Magazine -Craig Murphy reviews Automated Build Studio and FinalBuilder

Sending MSN messages

Here's a cool utility to send MSN messages as part of your build scripts.

One of the new set of actions in FinalBuilder 3 is the support for 7Zip. 7Zip is a file archiver with a very high compression ratio

Came across this interesting comparison between FinalBuilder and WANT, it's so interesting that it needs to be translated from Chinese to English.


Nick Bradbury, who created the most excellent TopStyle and FeedDemon, uses FinalBuilder for his builds.

Automating Code Signing

Matthew Jones has a great article on the basics of Code Signing. And, of course, To actually sign the code, I used FinalBuilder

As well as being a 3-day-a-week programmer for FinalBuilder, I also do the odd bit of consulting

Today we released the FinalBuilder 2.7 update.