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About the Feature Requests category (1)
Better failure messages (4)
Continue Build in spite of Stage fails (4)
Unpin builds stopped by user (4)
Add a function to show hidden projects+configurations (1)
Override repository branch mapping with branch from trigger source (10)
Configuration.VersionFormatString (11)
Configuration URL (4)
Dynamic representation of items in a checkbox select (2)
General functions also for variables (2)
Templates per project (2)
Editing templates - variables dialog not visible (3)
Enhance Delete repo dialog (2)
Parts of Repo URL not shown (2)
Subscriptions for multiple projects (5)
Feature Request: Export projects, projects, configurations, stages, settings (5)
Make Continua discard a build if when new build is queued (11)
Merge PartCover and NUnit action (3)
Configuration View Changes - support filters (3)
Show Build in which a changeset was included (4)
Feature request - Configurable builds amount per user, move page number to the top (2)
Yarn Package Manager action (4)
Http request notification publish (2)
Building a specific changeset (15)
Feature request: warn about duplicate variable names (3)
Taking build version from Mercurial tags (5)
Integration of tools for static code analysis (4)
Show point of use for a variable (7)
FeatureRequest: Listvariables (7)
Statistical evaluation of execution durations (2)