Notify only the user who initiated the build

We have many people who can initiate the various build configurations in our system.
So ~30 or so people can initiate the same build configuration, each time deploying different services to the environment based on the queue options form, where they select which services they want to deploy. (by checking or filling in various variable prompts in the form).

I don’t want to have all people subscribed to all notifications of such configurations
Because then they will get notifications about builds they don’t care about (that were initiated by other team members, for other services they don’t care about) - and we run a lot of such builds all day around…

I believe this isn’t possible right now, so kindly consider the following as a feature request:
Can the notification system have a feature that will only notify the person who initiated the specific build about its status? (just the 1 build, not subsequent ones).

Perhaps a checkbox in the queue options window that says:
“Notify me about this build status” ?
and also, have the option to configure this checkbox to be checked as default, so that any user who initiates a specific build - will always get a status notification for it upon completion/failure/discard/queue/etc’?

We’ve recently started to enforce code freeze days via configuration conditions that discard builds unless they meet specific criteria (described in this thread)-
But when such builds are discarded, the developers aren’t aware of it really, it doesn’t show in the main UI as discarded - its simply disappears (last failed or succesful builds is showing as the last one, the discarded one doesn’t even show) - so unless they check the configuration build history, they can’t tell that their build was actually discarded, and this is what brought me to request this feature.

Thank you!

Hi Arik,

We like this idea. Repository triggers currently have an option to “Only notify users who caused the build” which restricts notifications to the changeset user, but we agree that it would be nice to have a similar option for manual builds.

This feature would need some design thought though. A simple “Notify me about this build” option does not specify which publisher to use, and which statuses to send notifications for - we don’t want to add too much to an already overpopulated queue options dialog. Maybe we could add a “Users must opt into this notification when starting a build” option to group subscriptions and if any of these subscriptions exist for a configuration the “Notify me about this build” option appears.

Note that there is a “Build discarded” notification type for subscriptions, which can be used to make developers aware of when a build is discarded. Also the “Automatically cleanup discarded build” option on the discard condition can be left unticked to prevent the discarded build from disappearing.