Trigger is not working

It seems that triggers have stopped working for one of our builds. I think it started to happen when I added one more repository to the configuration (now it is removed) - I was thinking about matching repositories (branches) in the triggered build, but I reverted the changes.

Server error logs shows this:

An error occurred while running build completed triggers for build '24' of configuration 'FusionMain : Deploy And Run Tests'  with state 'BuildCompleted'. Details: Exception: NullReferenceException

Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Stack Trace:    at Continua.Modules.Builds.Triggers.PlugIns.BuildCompletedTriggerHelper.AutoMatchBranches(BuildCompletedTriggerPlugIn plugIn, Build build, Dictionary`2& repoRevisions)
   at Continua.Modules.Builds.BuildManager.RunBuildCompletedTriggers(Build build, BuildState previousState)

and build timeline shows this:

|Build completed |2 minutes ago |0 milliseconds |Build completed trigger 'Trigger: Run EI' is starting a new build for configuration 'Deploy And Run Tests'.|
|Build completed |2 minutes ago |46 milliseconds |Checking conditions for build completed trigger 'Trigger: Run EI' which is set to trigger on the current successful build status which is 'BuildCompleted'|
|Build completed |2 minutes ago |62 milliseconds |Build completed|

Built timeline show like if the trigger was started, but other build did not trigger.
Also there are 2 more triggers that should be processed but are not.

Hi Michal,

We can’t see any obvious reason for a null exception in the relevant code. Can you send us full details of the trigger settings so we can narrow down our diagnostics? Ideally, export the configuration from the Import and Export page in the administration area, or generate and download a diagnostics report from the Event Log page. Send the file to me by direct message (click on my avatar) or email to support @

Installer new version few days ago, everything works OK now.

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