Improve UI for hiding configurations


version 1.9 does contain an editor to hide configurations. This procedure is cumbersome. I suggest to add an UI element (maybe a simple icon) to the main page, such that it is possible to hide/unhide configurations by simply clickling at the UI element.


Added to the (very long) to-do list.


i was just about creating a new issue, when i found that entry which i created myself two years ago.

New configurations are visible by default. As we create quite a few configurations each month, hiding most of them by every team member is a an annoying process. The editor to hide configurations is a pain. Hiding configurations should be a simple process. As Continua introduced a switch to show/hide configurations with a simple click (the eye) a simple solution should be an icon next to the configuration name to hide it. If i want to make it visible again, i need to use the editor. But that’s alright.