Notification subscriptions for triggered build restricted to users starting the original build

It would be good to also have the possibility to restrict notification to users who started the first build.
In manual subscription, we have option to limit to starting user:

Similar option would be nice for notification for triggered builds, which now can only by assosiated with changesets:

For example it could add option to notify user from already existing feature → Triggered From Build … (originally started by …)

My use case is that I have a build that compiles code, then 2-3 builds are triggered on success that run different kinds of tests. I get notified (“privately”) about the starting build finish, but the triggered build can only send “broadcast” notification, hence the new option.

Hi Michal,

This has now been implemented and will be in the next version of Continua CI.

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Hi Michal,

This feature has been implemented in v1.9.2.1046.