"Started By" propagation/edit

It would be a nice feature to be able to propagate “Started by” info, ex, when user starts a build and that build triggers other build, then the other build could be marked as “Started by” the user.
Or add a possibility to edit such variables.

Hi Michal,

It is possible to set a variable in the triggered build with a value such as $Build.StartedBy$ from the triggering build. e.g.

This variable value could then be displayed in the build comments using the Log Entry action.

We agreed however that it would be nicer if the original started by user name could be added directly to the Started By info in the Build Details. We’ll add this to our to-do list.

Yes, I know that, I use it to set tags to builds to indicate who is the “owner” but it would be better to see it on the main screen of the build rather than message/tag.

OK, is there a possibility to capture build variable in notification template ? So at least I am able to put proper “started by” in e-mail notification ?

Hi Michal,

You can reference a variable in a notification template using {{Variable.VariableName}}.

The next version, available this week, will display the original “started by” user on the build details page. This value will also be available in build notification templates.

v1.9.2.688 includes the aforementioned updates.

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