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Today we release Automise 5.

Pretty much every native windows application these days includes an xml manifest file. This post shows how to modifiy those files in FinalBuilder

Delphi-Mocks now has a way to better control when an exception or a return value is produced for a mocked object/interface method.

Finalbuilder 8 Beta is now available for download. This post describes what's new/changed in FinalBuilder 8.

Each version of Delphi adds around 200 characters to your system path. With the windows path length limit, strange things happen when it get's too long.

Continua 1.5 released

Continua version 1.5 is now available for download.

New dashboards for Continua

Walkthrough on how to unleash the power of Automated UI Testing with Continua CI

The job market (well, at least in Canberra and Australia) is generally pretty, ummm... tight. Good for people looking for jobs, but we're finding it hard to find a sales and marketing person.

Simplicity ain't so simple

I've been reading Nick Bradbury's series of posts about simplicity vs. features. Definitely worth a read, here's the links