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At last, a major conference in the city where I live (Canberra, Australia)! No 12hr flights, no cramped seats only big enough for midgets

We recently surveyed the existing FinalBuilder customers, and one of the questions was “Which Version Control System do you use?”.

It's time for Microsofts developer conference in Australia.

Everyone's on vacation it seems... I just sent out an email blast to registered FinalBuilder users


Icons are a real pain for us developers - so why do we use them so much?

How does one test the usability of the magnificient UI you've just created?

The Australian Delphi User's Group recently had a “Mini BorCon” - The Delphi .NET Conference.

Late Introduction

Ok, I better introduce myself....

I've just started to use FeedDemon from Bradbury Software to read blogs... very nice piece of software I must say.

Virtual Worlds

Came across this very interesting article this morning