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If you're a FinalBuilder expert available for contracting, let us know.

The job market (well, at least in Canberra and Australia) is generally pretty, ummm... tight. Good for people looking for jobs, but we're finding it hard to find a sales and marketing person.

Simplicity ain't so simple

I've been reading Nick Bradbury's series of posts about simplicity vs. features. Definitely worth a read, here's the links

What we drink...

A couple of weeks ago we got a small bar fridge for the office... and it's stocked with a variety of drinks (non-alcoholic unfortunately...)

FinalBuilder Ratings

Here's the next installment of some of the statistics we got from the customer survey

Brad Wardell's 10 rules for success... a very interesting read.

New aggregate RSS feed

Here's our new VSoft Technologies aggregate RSS feed:

New website, new blogs

New website, check it out: http://www.finalbuilder.com/

Our blogs have moved. Please update your reader.

We've moved!

TheSourceGear guys are just about to move, but we beat them to it :)