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This is a great new little feature: if a build fails, you can fix the problem and then continue the build without resetting the log.

For FinalBuilder 4 we wanted to add a new view of the build process as it runs

Last week we announced on our newsgroups that the Free Upgrade period started on Oct 1 2005

FinalBuilder 4 adds a new action which makes it easier to find text in either a file or a FinalBuilder variable.


I've also been working on a FinalBuilder plugin for the open source continuous integration tool, CruiseControl.NET.

New XML Actions

New XML Actions in FinalBuilder 4

This is one of the best new features in FinalBuilder 4, and here is the action that represents it..

This is one of those features we'd planned to do for ages, and customers kept asking us to make script code reuse easier.

Yesterday we announced FinalBuilder 4. I'll be trying to blog about a new feature in FB4 every day or so...

Yes, it's true, FinalBuilder 4 is about to go into beta testing, with a scheduled release near the end of November 2005.