FinalBuilder   Bugs

Send Email - email addresses not deleted (2)
VSTS Query Work Items - Default server is not used (3)
MSSQL Execute SQL (SQLCmd) fails when using dotted server name (2)
access error in program (BUG) (5)
Issue with latest FB8 release builds: ProcessInitialStepMode - first action is nil (8)
SFTP unable to handle "control.ini" (9) SSH Open Connection fails with invalid address (4)
FTPS and SFTP trying to make directories? (10)
Delphi 10.3 BRCC32 not found (2)
Issue with Target parameters (3)
Help menu link wrong (2)
Build Delphi Linux64 10.3 Rio linker error (4)
Type mismatch: 'Action.MajorVersion' (5)
MSSQL Execute SQL returning NULL to variable cannot be checked for using string if logic (5)
Why is FB duplicating search and library paths? (2)
Selective File Copy with IniFile Iterator and FileSet (3)
Wrong filenname of log and lock files (3)
Regression in (5)
S3 Bucket Upload Directory action being stripped from project after updating FinalBuilder (7)
Missing details on Incredibuild actions when trying to create Project Summary (2)
Fbcmd.exe doesn't accept empty variables (3)
Run DOS Command action (4)
Odd SignTool signing / verification error (5)
'ClassFactory cannot supply requested class' when running or editing a project (7)
Some missing EC2 regions? (7)
FinalBuilder 8 exception on startup after upgrading to Server 2016 (5)
Text Replace (File) (3)
SubString (2)
Cannot specify more than two targets in FBCMD /t parameter (3)
PropertySet Load from Registry failing (3)