VersionInfo tab has no effect for C++ Builder 11 Alexandria projects

We are using FinalBuilder for build C++Builder 10.2 projects since 2018 with no problems.
Now we are updating our project to C++Builder 11 and we are also updating our FinalBuilder projects.
However, the executables are not receiving the VersionInfo data. We tried everything but the tab “VersionInfo” has no more effect in C++ Builder 11 projects using “Build C++Builder 2006+ Project” action.
Can you help us?

I can reproduce this here, it looks like Embarcadero changed something in the MSBuild support in 11.x and SkipResGeneration is ignored (this was something we got them to add to support FinalBuilder a long time ago). I will contact them and see what I can find out.

Figured it out. Embarcadero added a new IntermediateOutputDir property and that is where the linker is looking for the res file - FinalBuilder generates the res file in the same location as the cbproj file, as that is where it always looked before.

So we’ll need to read the intermediate output settting from the cbproj - reading settings from the cbproj file is more complicated that it sounds due to config inheritance - we have code to do this for Delphi, I am hoping that will work for C++Builder but there are some differences we’ll need to work through.

We’ll have a fix available for this early next week.

Hi, Vicent!
Thank you for you quick reply!

Hi Paulo

This build should fix the issue you are having with version info

The action no uses the configuration’s IntermediateOutputDir setting to determine where to output the project.res file - this is new since 11.x (not sure if in 0,1,2 or 3 as only have .3 installed) and something we missed before.

Let us know how you go as we plan on putting out an official update next week.

Hi, Vicent

I´m not able to download through the provided link. I received the error “500 Origin Error”.

Hi Paulo

Not sure why that is happening. We did recently move all our downloads to keycdn, and that appears to be working fine, I can download any version without error and I can see from their reporting dashboard that plenty of downloads are occuring. I can also see that the ssl certificated is correct.

The only suggestion I can make is to try a different browser.