Empty object retrieving WinRAR options using VBScript

I’m trying to get WinRAR options using VBScript as per the documentation. Just like this:


But an empty object is returned. If I try to get {smartassembly} options it works fine, so I assume I’m doing it the correct way. What can be happening?

Please find the whole process of execution in this video: https://siam-it.com/pub/FinalBuilder/b9911260-aa50-49c6-a3d0-82c0ca053f03/empty_winrar_options.wmv

The issue here is that the options are inconsistent in the naming of properties - sadly a victim of different devs having worked on the product over the years.

This works

dim winrarOptions
set winrarOptions = GetOptionsObject("WinRAR")
alert winrarOptions.WinRARPath

I have added .Location as an alias for the next update.

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