Uploading flat FileSet to FTP server that doesn't accept CWD command

I am using FinalBuilder for uploading a flat FileSet to a FTP server. Now, the problem is that the FTP server (which I don’t fully control), for security reasons, appears to have permanently disabled the CWD command, and now return a 500 error. This causes problems when I try to use the FTP Upload action, with a FileSet. The first file is uploaded OK, but for some reason the FTP Upload action sends a CWD “/” to the server, after the first upload has completed, and before uploading the second file. This causes the action to fail, and only the first file to be uploaded.

Is there an easy work around to this problem, that doesn’t require me to manually add one FTP Upload action for each separate file?

As far as I can tell the CWD happens when it’s trying to ensure the target directory exists on the server. There’s definitely no hard coded CWD “/” so we’ll need to setup a test here to see if we can reproduce it here.

I know you don’t control the server, but are you able to find out what ftp server software they are using. That can make a huge difference when trying to debug issues (not all FTP servers behave the same way).

It is an Apache 2.4.54 running on Linux (kernel version 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.70.el7.x86_64) with the ftpd daemon. That is the only version information I got. It is not entirely unlikely that some other add-ons (or system admins) have tinkered with the configuration.

I found a work around. Changing the FTP Connect to use Explicit TLS, makes the FTP Upload not send any CWD commands between files in the File Set. Strange, but exactly the kind of work around I was asking for.

BTW, the server is a PureFTPd [privsep], according to its welcome message.