Issue with dotnet Test target

I’m using FB

  • Add a dotnet Test action to the build script.
  • Specify a value for its Results directory field
  • Run the build.
  • FinalBuilder constructs a dotnet test command line that contains the --results-directory switch but it doesn’t put the expected value afterwards so the build fails

Here’s a sample command line, from the build log:

Command Line : test T:\Development\FB17249-032\AutoBuild\..\EmailHelper\EmailHelperUnitTests\EmailHelperUnitTests.csproj --test-adapter-path \\kutana.local\dev\NuGet\Repository\xunitxml.testlogger\3.0.70 --configuration xunit;LogFilePath=TestOutput\Results.xml --output T:\Development\FB17249-032\AutoBuild\..\EmailHelper\UnitTestBin --results-directory

and here’s the error message:

Required argument missing for option: --results-directory

If the Results directory field is blank then the --results-directory switch is omitted from the dotnet test command line and the build succeeds.

Hi Brian

Thanks for reporting it - this build has a fix for this issue

Many thanks Vincent!