Error Executing script : GetExecutablePath


On my Laptop trying to run an included project suddenly causes the error below:

Including Project: D:\Qproj_XV4\Q++XV4 Installer.fbp8
Included project reported a failure
Error Action : Beyond Compare Script
Errors  : Error Executing script : GetExecutablePath
Microsoft JScript runtime error
Object required
In Package Common Script, Line: 14
Char : 7
GetExecutablePath failed.

It seems to be related to the call to a BeyondCompare script item. But, I checked and all the paths are OK in the options and, as I said, this script was working fine until a few days ago. If I try to validate the script, it points the BC action but does not provide any information.


Any thoughts as to what might be the issue ?

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Hi Olivier,

We have reproduced this and it is a bug. The action was moved to a new options category without changing the magic string which referred to it in the code. This build has the fix:

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Hi Dave,

Ah ha!
A case of “Verschlimmbesserung” as they say in German.
Thank you very much for the prompt response.
Seems to work fine, now.
Very best regards,


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