Inno Setup 5.4.1 preprocessor not detected


As noted in, 5.4.1 of Inno Setup now has the preprocessor built in.  When I try to make use of it, Finalbuilder complains "Use Preprocessor specified but compiler does not include preprocessor".  I tried to try it with the previous version 5.4.0, but didn't seem to work with it.  


Well it’s not a bug in FinalBuilder, it’s a complete stuff up by Inno. They have included the preprocessor in the product but changed how it works. The preprocessor used to have it’s own version of ISCmplr.dll but that no longer exists(and that is what we used to load) and the extra functions that it exported are not in the official compiler dll that supposedly supports the preprocessor. The work around is to use the command line compiler. I will contact the Inno guys and see if this can be fixed.


I’m using FB version and Inno Setup version 6.2.0 and have the same issue.

Did Inno Setup ever get back to you?



This is a really old case (11yrs ago) - I vaguely remember it but don’t remember the details, but I do believe it was fixed.

I just ran a test with v 6.2.1 and can reproduce the error - it seems the in latest versions it no longer exports the functions we use for the pre-processor.

A work around is to tell the action to use the command line compiler. We’ll investigate how to pass these options using the exported compiler functions.

Hi Richard

This build includes a fix for this - using the preprocessor works using the compiler dll or the command line

We also added support for the preprocessor IncludePath and IncludeFiles options.

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Thankyou Vincent that fixed the issue

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