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We recently moved our website, mail and news servers to our own nice new dedicated dual xeon server. If you've ever had to move servers then you've probably spent plenty of time on it. I had no idea how time consuming it was going to be this time, even though I'd done it the previous time we moved (no, we're not planning on moving again for a while!).

One of the main challenges was getting the files across to the new server and making sure I picked up any changes made since the initial copy (which i did using leechftp). I went looking for a tool to do this and came across a reference to Beyond Compare. I've been a Beyond Compare user for a few years now and love the tool but I didn't realise it did FTP Synchronise!

Makes me wonder, what other tools do I have with hidden gems just waiting to be discovered (well by myself at least!).

PS. Oh, and in case you're wondering, BC handled the ftp sync with ease (fortunately both servers are in dallas and have a 10mbit connection between them, even though they are in different data centres).

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