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Over the last year or so, we have seen more and more "bug reports" about compiling Delphi projects with FinalBuilder, in particular, reporting issues with compiling version info resources when using Delphi 10.1 (Berlin) and Delphi 10.2 (Tokyo).

This only happens if you tell the Delphi action in FinalBuilder to load version info from the dproj.

delphi action settings

The error typically looks something like this :

resource compiler error

or this :

resource compiler error

"What's this ModuleName variable?? What's com.embarcadero.$(ModuleName) ? I didn't put that there...."

Or "what's this MSBuildProjectName variable?"

This all stems from Embarcadero's support for non windows platforms (in this case I would suggest andriod). The default values for version info Berlin and later have "$(ModuleName)" in the FileDescription, ProductName and ProgramID fields.

default version info

This of course is nonsense for the Windows platform, but some bright new embarcadero hire obviously thought this would be a good idea (well that's what I think, who knows what was behind the decision). The problem is, $(ModuleName) is completely unknown outside of the IDE or MSBuild. So when we compile from the command line (using dcc32, dcc64 etc), if your Delphi Action is set to read the version values from the dproj, then you will get this error.

There are three options to resolve this :

  1. Change the FileDescription field in your delphi project settings to something more meaningful, rather than an ad for Embarcadero, like ummm, oh I know, your product name!
  2. Define the ModuleName variable in FinalBuilder - but this still gets the FileDescription field saying com.embarcadero.YourProductName (hey, it's not a java app!).
  3. Don't load the version info from the dproj, let FinalBuilder handle it completely. After all, you are using FinalBuilder to create your production builds, and version information is part of the release process, not the development process. *This would be my recommended option.*

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