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I was just surfing looking for some user interface inspiration (trying to get away from modal dialogs!) and came across this interesting site

I just spent the last hour or so searching for a hotel near the Los Angeles Convention Center. Turns out just about everything is totally booked out

We've just finished interviewing for the Junior Programmer position at VSoft Technologies

We'll be exhibiting at Microsoft PDC'05 - September 13, 2005 - September 16, 2005 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

Junior Developer

We're looking for another person to join the FinalBuilder team...

One of the difficult issues we face as a small isv, is managing growth. The fact is we are growing and our customer base is expanding, which is great

A few years back, when the Open Source movement was starting to gain momentum, I remember thinking that would be the death of commercial software.

Tate & I are sitting here at San Fransicso Intl airport (waiting for a flight back to Australia), I'm connected via the T-Mobile hotspot

We're exhibiting again at this year's Borland Developer conference in San Jose, September 11-15

I'm just nuts about Skype! I've tried many other internet phone type applications over the years, but none of them worked very well