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The updates to Continua CI and FinalBuilder released today provide somewhat better integration between the two products.

We have been working on moving Continua CI to .net 4.6.1 for a future release, and during this conversion (so far, mostly just updating nuget packages), we discovered an issue that turned out to be caused by a change to .net certificate validation.

New Continua CI Version 1.8 features

New Continua CI Version 1.8 beta features

Generate code coverage reports for your Delphi projects using Continua CI.

New Continua CI Version 1.7 features

New Continua CI Version 1.7 beta features

Each version of Delphi adds around 200 characters to your system path. With the windows path length limit, strange things happen when it get's too long.

Continua 1.5 released

Continua version 1.5 is now available for download.

Continua CI 1.0 has an Update GitHub Status action, however it's cumbersome to use. Continua CI 1.5 introduces a new way to do this, Build Event Handlers.