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Today we are finally making public the beta of Automise.

What is Automise you ask?

Well... Automise is an automation tool for System Admins, Network Admins and other IT Professionals. Whereas FinalBuilder is targeted and very much focused on developers, Automise is a more general purpose automation tool.  Both are build off the same code base, but there are subtle differences especially when it comes to editions - eg. for FinalBuilder we have two editions: Standard and Professional, whereas Automise will not have different editions and the mix of actions shipped will be slightly different too.  Automise will not include compiler support, version control system support and many of the other tools developers use, but will include ASync action groups, FileSet, File operations, XML Actions, Database actions, CD/DVD burning, etc.

So - please, if you have time, why not download Automise and give it a go and spread the word!? :)

Discussion forums here.

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