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About the Feature Requests category (1)
UTF-8 as Default Encoding (1)
Post to Slack would be nice (1)
See log of multiple project (4)
Option to set Ignore failures for multiple actions (1)
Support t:Restore in msbuild action (2)
Specifying compression algorithm in 7-zip actions (5)
Welcome Page: Favorites (2)
Set Target parameters on Include Project Action (4)
String SubString resulting value saved to variable should be logged (3)
FTP Mirror action should have Include Mask (4)
FTP Upload should have destination directory option (1)
Simplifying async actions (1)
Stopwatch feature (2)
Clear logfile before running (1)
Read variable from YML and JSON (2)
Detect changes to file and offer to reload (2)
Retain Action Selections (3)
Build solution action and assemblyinfo files (3)
SFTP support (2)
Copy and paste actions between projects or creation of custom actions derived from existing ones (2)
Dynamic Variables (1)
Add search to variable Editor window? (2)
HelpNDoc Action (3)
Red-Gate SqlDoc Action (8)
Show full file path as hints on project tabs (5)
Select Build to Run (2)
Target Saving (1)
Unique color in case action reached Timeout (1)
Read Only Mode (1)