Satisfying Running Person


I used the Finalbuilder for a long time on my local PC. There I always enjoyed the little person running, when the build was running. Very satisfying. Now I recently switched to the AWS cloud for development and since I use RDP connections to get there, the little person does no more run during build. I guess this was put in for performance reasons years ago. I believe everyone has nowadays more than enough performance on the internet lines, that it still can run.

Sorry if my assumption is wrong.


Hi Olaf

Your assumption is correct, it’s disabled in RDP sessions for performance reasons.

I guess most people have better connections these days (I have gone from 6Mbs at home to 1GBps over the last 3 yrs). We’ll do some testing to see how it performs over rdp.

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Thanks Vincent,

it is the same for me here in Germany. I have fiber with 1 Gbit/s since years.

All developer I know who are using Finalbuilder, love the man when he is running. It shows you that someone else is doing the work for you, which is totally correct.