Missing OnFailure ActionList

In FinalBuilder 7 there was still an OnFailure ActionList, which you have unfortunately removed.
The bug fix with try-except cannot be used if you want to make actions individually executable. (e.g. Run Selected Actions)

The solution would be if a script ala BeforeActionList and AfterActionList could also be defined for an ActionList in the target configuration window.

And is it possible to execute an ActionList from a script?
Sub AfterAction(Action, ActionResult, Continue)
If NOT ActionResult Then RunTarget “OnFailure”

Instead, executing another FinalBuilder script with RunProcess would not be functional.

Suggestion: If it is not technically possible, then offer “Target” as ScriptLanguage, where e.g. can specify the name of the target. And if possibly the following lines as parameters.

The OnFailure actionlist/target was removed because it was the cause of a lot of corner case issues that were impossible to resolve. The removal also made it possible to add target dependencies.

As for running targets from script, I’m afraid that’s a lot more complicated than it sounds.

It would work as actions with Try+Except and Run-Target.
Such a Try-Except was also inserted when upgrading old FinalBuilder scripts.
At first it looked a bit strange, because the default script only consists of this try-except and at first you think “shit, everything is gone”.

The problem with this, however, is that when single actions are running manually, this try-except is not executed at all, but the OnFailure was executet earlier, where some files were copied over and something was cleaned up, and an initial error analysis was started, for a rough overview and thus yourself lets the Delphi IDE start in order to be able to edit the failed package/project there.