Checklist Box with selection option


I use the check list box control to provide a (quite long) list of items that are supposed to be compiled using FB. The user checks the items and clicks OK. This works fine, but it would be a great help if the control would have a context menu (via right-click) that allows to invert the checked state of all items with one click. So if no items are checked, the operation would check all and if all are checked, all get unchecked. If only a few are checked, these get unchecked while all others get checked.

This is no big deal to implement but would help a lot in many scenarios where a checklist box has a lot of items and the initial state (all checked or all unchecked) varies based on the users intention.

Thanks for considering!

Can you confirm this is in the Enhance Prompt for Variables Action?

Hi Vincent,

correct. That is the action I was referring to…

Best regards!